Hello, I’m Cris

All my life I have been fascinated by the capture of images, how life moments can become ageless.

One day, I was in my grandparents’ house, and I saw their wedding picture. They were married during the Second World War, in a Romanian village. They went to a photographer and immortalized the event. My heart was full of gratitude to that artist thanks to which, 60 years later, I could see my grandparents on their wedding day. A past day, but which can be relived because of that photography.

This is why I like to photograph moments, places, people… They become eternal.

When I was 9, I went with my parents to visit a friend of them. We were sitting in the living room. The adults were talking and having coffee. I had founded a comfortable armchair. I was listening to them when my eyes were exploring the room. It was a beautiful, decorated room, with a big library and an amazing expressionist style painting decorating the wall behind the sofa. I looked at that painting like I was hypnotized.

This is why I like to put emotions and thoughts on the canvas… They become physical.